Captain Oscar di Tharmisi

Point of Contact for the PC Party


Oscar di Tharmisi is approximately 50 years of age and served with distinction in the Loyal Order of the Amethyst Rose for the majority of his adult life. Before the invasion and occupation, he obtained the rank of Captain and was responsible for training younger recruits.

The Llaelese Resistance is spread out and compartmentalized, reducing the risk of a single person’s capture giving the enemy too much information. In the case of the PC party, Captain di Tharmisi acts as the point of contact up through the greater chain of command. It is unknown who he reports to or how many other such small bands of freedom fighters he has under his command.

The PCs have worked with Captain di Tharmisi for well over a year and should have a level of respect for his role. He has never steered the party wrong and has never given them a mission that was truly beyond their skills.

Captain di Tharmisi is a man that is slow to anger in his older years, but when he was younger he was an excellent duelist. He harbors no shame about his younger years, and even proudly displays his set of dueling pistols in his office. It’s been ages, however, since he has engaged in a duel and with the rebellion ongoing, there most certainly won’t be any opportunities for that in the near future.

Captain Oscar di Tharmisi

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