For the Resistance

Pre-Game Rumors

In the week leading up to when the game actually starts, the following rumors have been swirling around Merywyn:

1. There have been skirmishes between the Protectorate of Menoth and Khador out east. The Northern Crusade seems to be pursing an aggressive strategy against Khador forces that have been weakened as the Empress pulls more troops into its war with Cygnar.

2. Some say that Prime Minister Archduke Deyar Glabryn, the man responsible for weakening Llael in the months leading up to the invasion and the man who ultimately surrendered to Khadoran forces, has been found dead. He disappeared earlier this year and people felt like he had either been assassinated or that he managed to escape to Caspia.

3. A small group of Llaelese wizards that survived the Night of Howling Wolves (an event where the Greylord Covenant struck into the heart of Merywyn and assassinated most of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry members) have been fighting a war in the shadows against Greylords still in Merywyn. Casualties on both sides have been high, but details have been kept secret.

4. Some of the merc groups that changed sides during the invasion (legitimately, due to lack of Llaelese funds) have been brought in to supplement the Merywyn City Guard. This is certain to lead to problems with Llaelese who don’t forgive them for flipping sides during the middle of the war.



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