For the Resistance

Session One Re-Hash

Setting the Stage

Captain Oscar di Tharmisi met with the group and gave them orders to meet with the twin sons of a prominent Llaelese noble family. The party is to escort the two brothers, Antonin and Paschal di Havilund, to the free city of Rhydden and hand them over to the leader of the Resistance: Duke Gregore Delryv.

The two brothers each possess information concerning the inner workings of the Khadoran Occupation forces. One of them has fake information and the other real. Once the two brothers make it to Duke Delryv, a secret agent of the di Havilunds will prove which has the real data.

The Wise Owl
The brothers decide to hold the meeting in The Wise Owl, which the party finds out has become a hang-out for off-duty Khadoran grunts. The twins felt like no one would look for them in that locale. Three of the party went into the bar: Alain Gerald, Benoit Savage, and Maryse di Ines.

Benoit Savage intentionally drew attention to himself, buying drinks and toasting the Empress in the guise of a low level Khadoran officer. Maryse made an attempt to communicate with the brothers, but couldn’t convince them that she was the person they were supposed to meet. Benoit attempted to intercept the brothers as they tried to leave, but his disguise worked against them and they began to panic. Alain was able to get them to talk to him and worked out some details of their escape.

Meanwhile, Maryse noticed a shady Khadoran keeping an eye on things. When Alain and the twins left, the Khadoran tried to leave as well using the back door. Red, another member of the party, was guarding the back door and scared the Khadoran into going back into the bar. Unfortunately, the Khadoran ran into Maryse in the hallway leading to the back door and immediately knew his cover was blown. He booked it for the front door and disappeared into the side alleys.

Ambush in the Streets
On the way to the spot where the horses and wagons for the journey were being kept, the party was ambushed by a member of the Khadoran Intelligence Kommand (KIK). He introduced himself as Kaptain Balakin Vselodovich, asked the group to surrended the twins, and told a hidden sniper to “Shoot one of them to prove we mean business.”

Instead of that occurring, however, another shooter interrupted the Khadoran sniper, and the sounds of a gun battle could be heard above the party on the roofs. Multiple Khadoran soldiers attacked, including a Man-o-War painted all in black with a shark on the shoulder.
The Kaptain disappeared when his side started to lose and the party managed to take out the Man-o-War.

(This is the stuff we didn’t have time for)
After the party, a Llaelese agent climbed down from a building roof, introducing herself to the party. She is a member of the Resistance tasked with keeping an eye on the KIK and specifically Balakin Vselodovich, who has the nickname of Rottweiler because of his stubborn nature.

Tera Blackwater, the Llaelese sniper, left the party, as she has her own mission to attend to, but warned the party that Balakin won’t give up. The Man-o-War she identified as belonging to the Akula, a elite special forces group sometimes assigned to work with the KIK. She gives the party directions to a gate controlled by Resistance agents where they can leave the city the next morning.

The party makes it’s way to the horses and the wagons. The twins are shaken because they now know they are already being hunted, which most likely means their father has been officially arrested and charged with treason against the new Khadoran-led government.

Pre-Game Rumors

In the week leading up to when the game actually starts, the following rumors have been swirling around Merywyn:

1. There have been skirmishes between the Protectorate of Menoth and Khador out east. The Northern Crusade seems to be pursing an aggressive strategy against Khador forces that have been weakened as the Empress pulls more troops into its war with Cygnar.

2. Some say that Prime Minister Archduke Deyar Glabryn, the man responsible for weakening Llael in the months leading up to the invasion and the man who ultimately surrendered to Khadoran forces, has been found dead. He disappeared earlier this year and people felt like he had either been assassinated or that he managed to escape to Caspia.

3. A small group of Llaelese wizards that survived the Night of Howling Wolves (an event where the Greylord Covenant struck into the heart of Merywyn and assassinated most of the Fraternal Order of Wizardry members) have been fighting a war in the shadows against Greylords still in Merywyn. Casualties on both sides have been high, but details have been kept secret.

4. Some of the merc groups that changed sides during the invasion (legitimately, due to lack of Llaelese funds) have been brought in to supplement the Merywyn City Guard. This is certain to lead to problems with Llaelese who don’t forgive them for flipping sides during the middle of the war.

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